Trey Sucher Law is a law firm established and owned by Trey Sucher with offices in West Liberty, IA, Marshalltown, IA and Perry, IA.  Clients throughout the United States engage Trey Sucher for his expertise in immigration law.  Trey also represents a substantial number of local clients in a wide array of criminal and civil matters.  Trey provides legal representation and guidance in English and Spanish and is licensed by the State of Iowa.







Trey Sucher

Trey is an Iowa native and earned his law degree at the University of Iowa College of Law.  Trey learned Spanish while studying abroad in Spain, and demonstrates his appreciation for cultural diversity through his law practice.  Trey is personally responsible for each client’s case and is committed to representing each client in a professional and ethical manner.


Tim Farmer

Tim learned Spanish while serving a two-year mission in Buenos Aires, Argentina, after which he earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Washington. Tim then worked in human resources at two large factories in Illinois where he collaborated with attorneys on various legal issues, including immigration. This work inspired Tim to attend the University of Iowa College of Law. Tim’s breadth of experiences instilled in him a deep respect for cultural diversity, which he displays in his approach to the practice of law.


Emily Swartz

Emily Swartz joined Trey Sucher Law PLC as an associate attorney in the firm’s Marshalltown, Iowa office. Emily earned her J.D. from Indiana University Maurer School of Law in 2016 and is licensed to practice in Iowa. Emily speaks Spanish and her practice focuses on immigration, criminal, and family law.


logo-treysucherlaw-smallWhether you live in Iowa, Florida, Alaska, or somewhere in between, Trey is able to represent you in all types of immigration cases.  Below is a list of the types of immigration, and non-immigration, cases in which Trey most commonly represents clients.


Provisional unlawful presence waivers
Certain immigrant visa applicants require a provisional unlawful presence waiver in order for their immigrant visa to be approved.  Recent changes in immigration laws now allow certain immigrant visa applicants who are spouses of U.S. citizens to apply for the provisional unlawful presence waiver prior to departing the U.S. to return to their country to attend their immigrant visa appointment.

Other waivers
Certain immigrant visa applicants require a waiver in order for their immigrant visa to be approved.  Certain types of criminal convictions, having previously been ordered removed or deported, and having been illegally present in the US for a certain period of time are common reasons an immigrant visa applicant would require a waiver.

Immigration Court cases
Trey represents individuals in their proceedings with immigration courts throughout the United States.

Motion to Reopen
Certain individuals who have been previously ordered removed or deported by an immigration judge may be able to re-open their case with the immigration court.

Board of Immigration Appeals
If your application for relief from removal or deportation is denied by the immigration judge, you may have the right to appeal that adverse decision to the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Certain immigrants who arrived in the US as children may be eligible for a work permit depending on their age at the time of their initial entry into the US, date of entry into the US, criminal history, schooling, and other factors.

Family-based petitions and immigrant visas
US Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents may petition for certain classes of relatives to become Lawful Permanent Residents.  An approved family-based petition only establishes that a relationship exists between a petitioner and beneficiary and does not confer any status on the beneficiary.

Immigrant visas
Once a family-based petition is approved, a beneficiary may be eligible to apply for residency once a visa is available to the beneficiary.  Certain beneficiaries must return to their country in order to request this visa.

Adjustment of Status
Certain beneficiaries of an approved family-based petition may be able to apply for residency without having to leave the US.

After you have been a lawful permanent resident for a certain period of time, you may be eligible to apply for citizenship.

Analysis of criminal convictions and pending criminal cases on your immigration status
Certain criminal convictions impact a person’s immigration status.  Trey Sucher Law can review your criminal history or pending criminal case and inform you of the likely impact of your criminal history or pending criminal case on your immigration status.

U Visa
Victims of certain crimes may be eligible for a work permit and to eventually apply for residency if their U visa application is approved.

Work permit application and renewal
If you are in removal proceedings or have an approved or pending application with USCIS, you may be eligible for a work permit.


Criminal Defense

Trey is licensed to represent clients in their criminal cases in Iowa.  Trey has defended English and non-English speaking clients throughout Iowa in cases ranging from traffic violations to felonies.

Trey is licensed to represent clients in divorce cases in Iowa.  Even if you are married in another country, you may be able to get a divorce in Iowa.

Wills and Power of Attorney
Trey is licensed to represent Iowa residents with preparation of their will and power of attorney.